Do you feel lost within your business despite already having an existing brand? Do you crave clarity, guidance, and strategy to unlock your brand’s full potential? Then this workshop is perfect for you!

beta phase

Brand Strategy Workshop

Our Brand Strategy Workshop is here to bring you clarity and a definite direction of what your business‘ values are, who your target audience really is, what makes you and your offer unique and where in the market you are positioned.

During this 2 hour call we dive deep into your mission, vision and why and create a final document that wil make it so much easier for you to make business decisions based on real research and strategy in the future.

How we will help you

  • Defining your Mission, Vision and Why
  • Identifying your Target Audience
  • Developing Personas
  • Conducting Competition Analysis
  • Performing Market Research
  • Establishing your Brand Voice
  • Creating unique Brand Messaging
  • Mapping out Brand Positioning

After the workshop you will receive a 20+ page Brand Strategy Document that entails everything we researched and worked out about your business, giving you a clear direction and deeper understanding about your brand.

What does Beta phase mean?

The Brand Strategy Workshop is something that we recently introduced to the studio. That means that it‘s still very fresh and we are in the midst of gaining  more and more experiece. We are getting client feedback to see what works well and what can be improved.

This is why we offer this value packed workshop for FREE for the first 5 brands that reach out!

The only thing we need in return is your honest and valuable feedback, so that we can learn from it and keep improving this new service of ours.

Inquire through this form below and let’s unlock your brands‘ potential together!