Maeli Naturecare

Maeli Naturecare is a start-up that develops highly concentrated skincare made of only natural and organic ingredients.
The two founders contacted me because they wanted a more professional, elegant, and overall elevated look for their brand in order to align the high quality of their products with their brand visuals. The butterfly icon represents beauty, femininity, and transformation.


„Rückbesinnung auf die Kraft von Mutter Natur – Gestern, heute und morgen“

Product Photography with old packaging

Kind Words

„We are just incredibly amazed by all the things you‘ve thought and researched about. Many points you‘ve made really resonated with us and opened our eyes. The colors and also the mood board fit great to Maeli. We are so happy to be on this journey with you and are so excited about what is yet to come. Thank you for the great presentation and your video.“

Irina & Liana, Maeli Naturecare