The minded space




The Minded Space is a newly founded interior design brand located in Barcelona with the goal to draw a deeper connection between the client’s mind and the space they live in.

This concept is not the final one, but it’s still a strong concept that I want to showcase. 






The founder María contacted me because she just started her new interior design business and wants a good strategic foundation for her brand and a brand identity that speaks to her target audience and embodies her values.

01 Discovery

First I started to ask my client to fill out an in-depth questionnaire about their brand, goals, problems and target audience. We talked everything through in a zoom call to clarify any questions.

02 Research

After gaining all the information from my client, I then started to research for myself. I looked into the target audience, how to position the brand in the market and who the competition is.

03 Brand Strategy

Once I found all the information that I needed, I created the brand strategy for The Minded Space including mission, vision, target audience, competition, messaging and the first ideas for a visual direction.

04 Design

After getting the approval for the brand strategy from my client, I started to create possible concepts for the brand and developed the final logo sets and brand guidelines.

Brand Strategy Insight

During the development of the brand strategy, we found out that The Minded Space wants to combine mindfulness with the space people live in. The target audience values empathy, professionalism, and the attention to detail with which The Minded Space handles the projects. 

I was looking for an elevated serif font that would show the elegant and professional aspect of the brand while not looking too traditional at the same time. Keeping it playful and warm. For the icon, the goal was to combine space and mind visually in a way that makes sense for an interior design business.

Illustrator Screenshots during Development

Final Identity

Icon Breakdown