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Maeli Naturecare is a German-based natural skincare brand that focuses on sustainability and the use of only natural and high-end products. Our goal was to create a brand identity that feels feminine, luxurious, and at the same time down to earth and approachable. We created a strong and beautiful butterfly icon that represents the ever-evolving skin and the development of us as human beings.


Saholy yoga

Saholy is a talented yoga instructor and nutritionist who wants her clients to shine from within. She helps her clients shine providing a holistic approach through yoga, meditation and nurturing the body with healthy food. We wanted to create a feminine and minimal brand identity for her business that embodies the feeling of sunshine and the state of being in flow.


Soleila interior design

Soleila is a passion project of mine that I created because of my love for interior design and decorating. The briefing I gave myself was to create a coastal, laid-back, and modern brand identity for Soleila, that also represented their location by the sea. I thought of this brand as a young and easy to work with interior design agency with a modern and professional twist.


Emilie Stone Jewelry

Emilie Stone Jewelry is another passion project of mine. The goal was to create a very modern and minimal brand identity that showcases the components of the jewelry itself (crystals) in form of an icon and a bit more abstract in form of typography. Through the colors, I wanted to establish a connection to the organic and earthy look and feel of the jewelry.

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